Our Projects


The CanDIG platform, led by our team, is building a federated solution for the analysis of privacy-sensitive, distributed human genomics data sets. Participating sites will be able to analyze national-scale data while maximizing privacy and keeping it under local control; enabling new, Canadian-scale research programs, one-stop discovery of genomics data, and a variety of interactive or long-running analyses. 

COVID Studies

Creating innovative platforms and web applications designed to collect, track and share COVID-related data

Data Platforms

Building data repositories to integrate data across platforms and institutions to gain a better understanding of various disease states

High-Performance Computing

Aggregating computing power to deliver a secure, higher performance for computation in order to solve large problems.

Patient-Reported Outcomes & Questionnaires

Patient-reported outcome measures and experience measures (PROMs/PREMs) are tools that patients use to provide information on aspects of their health status that are relevant to their quality of life, including symptoms, functionality, and physical, mental and social health. Our team is committed to building, and implementing electronic PROM/PREMs at UHN and other institutions across the country.


The MLOps team is hyper-focused on automatic clinical workflows through AI, leading the research of cutting-edge AI models in the healthcare field, specifically for projects that impact patient care. The team has extensive experience building and training new models from scratch, with the end-goal of deployment into the clinical space. The MLOps team approaches each project in a unique way, curated to the characteristics of the task at hand to push performance and usability to their absolute limits.

Research Projects

Research projects completed by lab and graduate students.