our mission for
the future

Our Mission

We help clinicians and scientists at the University Health Network and beyond streamline clinical workflows and enable faster and better treatments through computational and statistical methods. Our team has deep expertise in Computer Science and Statistics, including Machine Learning,  advanced Data Visualization and Human-Computer Interfaces, and experience developing both clinical and research systems for individual clinics, hospitals, and pan-Canadian projects.

Who We Are

The DATA is a team of researchers working together to enable better and faster medicine through smarter computer tools. We create cutting-edge web and mobile applications, programs and databases for large-scale data collection and analytics. By perfecting the way our users can interact with data through improved user interfaces and visualization techniques, our goal is to simplify clinical workflows. Our work focuses on the capture of data from clinical encounters, using both advanced User Interfaces and mining of unstructured data (using machine learning), the analysis of omics data (genome, transcriptome, epigenome), especially in pan-Canadian federated datasets, and the development of clinician and patient portals to ease the discovery and analysis of large-scale data.